Vision Statement

The purpose and mission of this club shall be to encourage the sport of yachting and sailboat racing as well as a wide range of boating activities. Further to promote the science of seamanship, navigation and to provide and maintain a suitable club house, anchorage and associated facilities for the recreational and social use of its members.


The Greater Wildwood Yacht Club is a private yacht club providing programs for its members, their families and their guests. The Club will support and endorse sailing, sailing education, boating and dining and will provide social and recreational amenities for the benefit of its membership. The Club will be family oriented and will maintain an inviting atmosphere to encourage members to make our Club their first choice for entertaining their family, friends and associates. The Club will strive to be the “preferred community” for its members with the guidance and leadership of the Club’s Flag officers, Board of Governors and volunteer committees. At all times the Club, its Officers and Board will provide an environment treating all members, guests, volunteers and employees with dignity and respect. The Club, its Officers and Board will remain vigilant in promoting safety and safety procedures both on the docks and in the club house and maintain all facilities to the highest of standards.